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(Kujata, Elemental)

Nergui Qestir

A prophecy questioning fate and trying to draw his own.


Fade Away...


Fade Away...

34  |  Male | He / They  |  Xaela  |  206 cm (6'9") |  Umbral 5/16 |  Neutral Good  |  Demi-bisexual  |  Versatile | INFJ

Appearance & Mannerisms

His body is slim, yet fit and flexible. An aesthete who cares about style and beauty in everything he does, Nergui has a distinct color palette and preference for certain textures and shapes. His long, layered hair is typically a violet-silver ombre, and is long worn in either stylish ponytails or down. His eyes are two slightly different shades of purple, and he has a butterfly tattoo painted on his face. His development was affected by restless dark aether as a part-voidsent, and so he has purple-tipped horns and extra scale growth.

His mannerisms are usually confident, elegant and fluid, blending masculine and feminine qualities. Though he often acts and moves with grace, he still has a rough side that one cannot avoid from having grown up on the Azim Steppe close to nature and often surrounded by battle. He is not afraid to get his manicured hands and fancy clothes dirty: that's what showers and sewing needles were invented for. He has habits of tail-swishing, hair-brushing, or squeezing/rubbing his hands & fingers when nervous. When thinking hard about something, he bites on his lower lip. His laugh is reserved and often accompanied by a hand held in front of his mouth. His eyes are the most honest expressive feature and often show what the rest of him is trying to mask.

His voice is androgynous and husky, and sounds somewhat like an Easterner who lived in Ishgard for a long time but never completely lost his accent, though he is very travelled and it is really an amalgamation of various accents and dialects. When speaking Hingan, his accent is good but he speaks slowly and sometimes stumbles over words. He can understand his native Xaelic language as well, and speaks it mostly with Mol dialect.


Favorite foods: zefir, spicy things, figs

Favorite colors: purple, black, grey

Favorite drinks: tea, melon juice, coffee

Favorite locales: Lakeland, Dimwold (Gyr Abania Fringes), Troia ruins (the Void)

Favorite city/civilization: Ishgard, the Iloh of his tribes on the Azim Steppe

Likes: butterflies, flowers, nature, music, campfires, fog, thunderstorms, dancing, alcohol (of good quality), Namazu

Dislikes: large crowds, dishonesty, selfishness, noisy machines, arrogance, self-righteousness, argumentative people

Abilities & Activities

Nergui's main source of income is from mining, jewelry-making, alchemy and herbal medicine (including illicit substances). He also enjoys a good treasure hunt or mercenary work from time to time, and takes calls from anyone requiring the assistance of a powerful and experienced mage. He knows several methods of fortune-telling and does them as a service.

He has studied thaumaturgy at the guild in Ul'dah, but the rest of his talents come from self-study or were learned as a child from his elders and practiced throughout life. He can use destructive (his specialty) and healing magics of various elements and is overall a master of aetheric manipulation - he can use his own aether, the ambient aether of the environment around him, or someone else's aether to weave spells (for example, turning someone to stone, having their own aether engulf them in flames, or pushing someone's own aether to heal their body.) He can also use a type of magic he discovered & created himself which involves bringing dynamis/akasha into physical form. These spells are very powerful but unpredictable and he won't use them unless in a pinch. He can transform himself using the dark aether within him to use different sets of void-based magics and a more dangerous physical body.

He is capable of 'breathing' underwater, creating dimensional rifts (will exhaust him for some time afterward), and fairly frequent aetheryte travel as well as teleportation.
His recent change in aether that made him 'fully voidsent' resulted in difficulty with his magic - he had to learn how to use his new, constantly changing aether or rely more on the void-magic limitations or manipulation of aether around him.


In Battle

Nergui  is a brave and powerful witch who walks boldly into battle and stares down his enemies intensely, acting strategically and much as fiercely. On a team, he will often stay at the back of the pack to keep and eye on others, or break off to take care of something solo if it presents an immediate danger or if treasure is involved. He can sometimes be over-ambitious, but he does not fear being knocked on his ass and having to get up, dust himself off and try again another way. 

Toward strangers

He is often polite and sometimes even comes off as outgoing and confident. He does not trust anyone easily and will not open up about his feelings, life and secrets right away. He will sometimes be taciturn, awkward or standoffish depending on his mood, but is almost never intentionally rude.


Toward friends

He is loyal, kind and caring, and often displays concern for their wellbeing and happiness. He is somewhat needy and will want too spend quality time with those he actually gets close to. He is always ready to help them and is not stingy with his time or material possessions.


Toward crushes

He can withdraw and suddenly become very shy or moody around them and hard to read. One of his love languages is gifts, and he enjoys giving thoughtful and sentimental ones as well as expensive things. He will try to find out what things make them happy but will have a hard time being forward with his feelings. 


Toward lovers/partners

He is very open and playful, loves to enjoy time together and offer whatever he can be it material, physical, or emotional. He is very protective of those close to him, friend or otherwise and will use his power to fight for them without hesitation. He will confide in them and discuss feelings and topics that he will not divulge to other people. He will be supportive and concerned about their progress in their passions and goals.

Toward enemies , traitors, or nuisances

Depending on how extreme the circumstances he will hunt them down and put a stop to them (in the case of violent or serious threats), or give them the cold shoulder and treat them as unimportant. He often feels compassion toward them as much as anger, but still has high defenses and does what he thinks needs to be done. He will not often behave in a vindictive or retaliatory manner (although his shadow may be somewhat inclined toward revenge) and simply does what will best preserve peace.


Nergui is something of a kuudere, living life at his own pace and often hiding his true feelings and sensitivity under a cool exterior. He can come off as outgoing and confident, but spends most of his time alone. He might seem playful, cheerful and easygoing at times, but beneath it there is plenty of sadness and angst.

As a Qestir, he cannot help but deeply analyze the actions of others and put more weight on them than words. This sometimes leads to being very astute and clever, but other times leads to misunderstandings and mistrust that he does not readily change his mind about, as well as refusal to have discussions on some matters or suddenly ghosting/cutting off acquaintances without a single word.

His motivations are complex and include altruism as well as personal fulfillment and self-discovery. He has no singular goal.

Being born and raised as a 'special chosen one' as well as living most of his adult life fulfilling that prophecy meant that he has lived a life mostly disconnected from others and feeling lonely inside: He has rarely felt the personal happiness that he has spent his life protecting and preserving for others, and every time he has it has either been lost or quickly revealed as a fleeting joy that he must leave and return to his duty. When he does manage to form a bond with someone, it often comes with strong emotions that he is inexperienced in handling. 

He fears losing or serious harm coming to those he loves or is close to, as has happened multiple times, and almost believes a curse exists that will bring harm to anyone he loves too much. Because of this, he tries not to get too close to anyone while at the same time desperately seeks connections and wants to live a 'normal life.' He feels a strong connection with his homeland and culture, and would love to spend his last days living on the Steppe, and will often feel clouded with comfort and nostalgia when talking about it, quickly warming up to other Xaela.

~~ RolePlaying Hooks ~~


Nergui is a relationship-anarchist, avoiding applying a particular label to his relations no matter what they do together. Everyone is usually a 'friend', or sometimes 'lover.' He fears intimacy and connection but desires it at the same time. He seeks partners he can feel open and honest with, and who are kind and attentive or intellectually stimulating and enjoy small things in life. He will not usually go for one-night stands or first-date sex and wants to settle down on the Steppe in old age with a long-term partner. His heart desires a Xaela partner because of his nostalgic attachment to his homeland.


Because it feels somewhat disconnected, Nergui likes hosts and hostesses. Having a money-based relationship allows him to enjoy the feeling of romance and flirting without the full emotional commitment and danger of heartbreak (at least, he thinks so...), and gives him the happiness of (hopefully) helping someone in any case. He could be interested in either having a sugar daddy/mommy or being one.

Aether Sacrifices:

His current state requires him to regularly consume aether through sexual intercourse. He would prefer to have regular partners for this but will also take one-time offers from those with a strong enough aether to handle it (very powerful warriors, or supernatural beings.) This may occur as his shadow-self, normal self, or both. A regular aether sacrifice may become someone very important to him that he instinctively feels like protecting and keeping close.


Nergui loves to help people reach their dreams, as his unsundered self did. If you have a character who is learning magic, or a related craft such as botany or goldsmithing, Nergui might be willing to mentor in-character and meet up regularly. He also runs a magic shop that has this purpose in mind somewhat - click here check out Id'Shidh.

Treasure Hunting and Gil-making:

Nergui loves to occupy himself with gil-making, especially gathering, mining, goldsmithing, carpentry, and treasure-hunting. I would love to do these activities in character and let Nergui and your character make some new friends, musing about this and that as they co-work, hunt together, and swap stories or tips. Why? Well, the more gil he makes, the more gil he can give...and the more fashionable clothes and fancy tea he can enjoy.


After learning of his heritage, Nergui is very curious about meeting other void-creatures and learning about them and how they live, especially any that have found their way to the Source. His aether becomes darker with every visit to the 13th reflection. He is the son of a succubus possessing a corpse and a mortal man, making him a demi-incubus. He fears the darkness changing him or taking over, causing him to hurt someone to satisfy aether-hunger, though he is not certain if it is possible. He would be ranked at about a second-tier void being considering all of his ability and intellect.

Dark Knight problems:
Nergui struggles with having two minds in one. His shadow is a manifestation of his trauma and is very protective, but rough. They are currently integrated but sometimes split when arguing, or for self-care reasons- their hobbies, morality and sexualities differ slightly. He retains vague memories of whatever the shadow does. Although he is not actually a dark knight, his situation is very relatable to one.

Home on the Steppe:

Nergui loves reminiscing about his homeland and meeting other Xaela who have left the Steppe for various reasons. He is happy to share a love of buuz and Steppe chai and swap stories of their youth regardless of tribe, and make connections.

~~~ Story Thus Far... ~~~

Twenty-five years before the fall of Dalamud, a child was born to the Qestir tribe of Xaela on the Azim Steppe who was recognized by a Mol mystic as having a special blessing and ability to hear the voice of the dusk Goddess Nhamaa (in actuality, Hydaelyn.) It was prophesied in a dream that he would become a great hero and prevent the world from succumbing to certain doom, but would die in doing so. The name 'Nergui', a unisex traditional Xaela name that means 'nameless', was given to him in order to trick evil spirits into believing the child was unimportant, therefore protecting him from their malice. Since his mother died shortly after his birth and his father before it, he was raised by his closest relatives: a grandmother and aunt. Guardians from the Mol tribe also saw that he was kept safe and taught him more about the world he was destined to explore. Nergui was a rebellious, inquisitive and curious child who often got into trouble and made plenty of work for his caretakers though he didn't like causing it. He took an interest in magic from a young age and learned from his grandmother and the Mol mages to heal and defend himself as well as perform simple divinations and medicine with herbs, stones, and ritual prayers.

His first romance as a teenager was with a Dotharli girl with whom he often snuck out to hunt and challenge beasts to a fight despite the warnings of their elders. They were forcibly separated as their elders believed their friendship put Nergui in too much danger, and he never saw her again until much later in his life. Another friend, Degei Qalli, helped him discover his love of music and see the potential beauty in words, which his own tribe forbid and considered to be all lies. As a young adult, Nergui was engaged to be bonded with a man from the Kha tribe whom his family approved strongly of. This stoic and supportive axe fighter, Aruktai Kha, died in a tragic hunting accident and thus could not keep his promise to travel the world together once Nergui had left home. Upon leaving alone to carry out his destiny, he then lived in Kugane and employed his wit, looks and coy charm as a courtesan for five years before escaping the shady brothel by  boarding a workers' boat headed for Eorzea after Dalamud's fall. This boat landed in Thanalan where a caravan took him to Ul'Dah, where he stayed at an inn for another three years.

There, during a training mission from the Thaumaturge's Guild, he ended up running into Y'shtola Rhul of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn who was able to recognize his echo and recruit him to help the Scions. Nergui considered this part of his destiny and accepted without a second thought.

During the final days, Nergui encountered his fate - a very dangerous blasphemy that transformed from his childhood friend now grown and travelling in the area. His final effort was a dynamis spell that burned them both into oblivion. After unexpectedly rising from the dead three days later, Nergui began to question his religious beliefs and his destiny. With time now to settle down and the dissolution of the official Scions, he was forced to confront his own feelings and figure out what to do with the life he never though he would have. He decided to go out to host clubs and various functions to work on his social skills as well as open his own inn/brothel, dubbed Nergui's Castle, as well as practice his fortune-telling, mining and potion-making for a living. He also opened a magic shoppe and cafe in Gridania called Id'Shidh, which serves as his workshop and study when not open.

One night while crafting in his shoppe, he started having strange visions during meditation that nagged at him to look into the past at his mother's life. Further visions suggested that the story of his parents that he knew was not entirely true. After piecing them together and waiting for the echo to reveal the full story, he learned that his mother actually died before he was born and her body was used by a succubus from the void to live in the Source in attempt to escape the miserable, lonely, savage eternal life in that world. Nergui was conceived and born by that succubus, who also killed his father by losing control of her hunger for aether, and eventually left the body, no longer able to deal with the grief and emotions of her host, so that she appeared to die of a mysterious illness. After struggling to accept this and divulging the information to his former Scion associates, he was asked to help them investigate some troubles in the thirteenth reflection. Spending time inside exposed him to the darkness enough to transform him further, so that he now lives as a voidsent would, hungering for aether.

In his efforts to accept this and learn more about the void and void magic, he formed a small and obscure order of misfit magic scholars, artisans, and artists based on the philosophies of his former unsundered self to honor the past known as the Morpheic Mystery.

~~~ Connections & Relationships ~~~

Arma ObroinA voidsent-hunting cyborg created in the fifth Astral era who survived the calamity and now works with the thaumaturge's guild as a translator whilst living her life and investigating void-rifts and other such disturbances. When Nergui came back from the void more consumes by darkness, he asked her to promise to kill him if he ever grew out of control and dangerous. They first met on a treasure hunt, and she often spends time chatting and checking in on him at his magic shoppe. She, or her clone sister Seven, work as security at his inn/brothel.

Ihme'sae Yhgridi - otherwise simply known as 'Mesa', this mysterious zombie-miqo'te wandered into Id'Shidh one day and the two became friends out of curiosity and common interests. Mesa became an official of Nergui's small order of magic scholars, and even his voidsent avatar Riri (who takes the form of a Gaelicat and helps Mesa to walk and see) seems to have made friends with him.

Nil Ruentide - A strange entity made of a soul apparently attempting to collect all of its past memories and consciousness every time it dies and is reborn, and Nergui's current neighbor by coincidence. He first encountered Nil as a host, as his Xaela form, in a club called Rose Knights. Being instantly charmed, he would go back to see that same host at every opportunity until it sadly closed one day. They became friends afterwards, and though he would not be sure what to say of how close their relationship is, Nil is still someone who strongly affected his life.

Rex (Amaryllis) - a cheerful small Raen man whom Nergui also met on a treasure hunt and ended up recruiting into working at his nightclub. Though they aren't especially close at the moment, Rex has been a prevailing presence around Nergui and often comic relief. 

R'Mikos Yellowhawk - a two-spirit miqo'te survivor of tribal exile who escaped slavery in a pleasurehouse afterward. He came to Nergui's nightclub after finding a flyer looking to hire dancing courtesans. Nergui also helps Mikos with his own tavern, which currently is turning into a yakuza-funded bar that could potentially put him in danger, and decided to stay as security to keep an eye on him.

Ruby Kurosawa - an energetic, hardworking and outgoing highborn half-miqo from Kugane who joined the staff of courtesans at Nergui's Castle. She seems to be quite fearless about recommending things that her boss might enjoy and bringing them together -, be it a bottle of wine, a night out dancing, or an attractive man.

Violet Djt-dvre - a weird Viera man who claims to be from the future. He came into Id'shidh one night and ended up begging to become Nergui's pupil in various magical studies. He now has his wish granted and is studying hard as well as doing grunt work for his shop and the Morpheic Mystery. At this point, they are both unaware that the two are actually the same soul.

Zephyr Onasis - a young and naive water-dragon with a beautiful Au Ri-like form whom Nergui met while out at a favorite tavern. His shadow forced him to book this very aetherfull courtesan for a meal a few times, and once the tavern closed for renovations he began seeing Nergui on the weekends for outcalls. That is, until he mysteriously disappeared and stopped answering his linkpearl...


Cirina Mol - A "sister" from a friendly tribe whom he knew as a child.

Estinien - A close friend and lover, though they don't see each other terribly often.

Matoya - A respected acquaintance and something of a mentor who taught him his more mundane magics.

Vrtra/Varshan - a friend who appreciates his deeds and offers aether to him when possible.

Y'shtola - A trusted friend and colleague as both a Scion and magic/aetherology scholar.

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